Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mr.WalkieTalkie Papertoy Coming Soon!

Mr. WalkieTalkie here to tell you that soon I will have Mr. WalkieTalkie the character available in a papertoy custom of Marshall Alexander's Foldskool Hero. Just wait a few days and youll see it available.

Stay Tuned!!

Afro Boy!!!!!

Meet the lovable little Afro Boy he is a walkin talkin blue afro who love the music of disco. I created him last year in 2008. Meet afro boy and his friends soon! See more art at my flickr

Monster Fight-Trenti

Meet Trenti, he's not the nicest fungus and his one of many enemies in the Monster Fight series(please be sure that you know that he is not the main villain just one of his henchmen) His fingers are all crinckled because that is how he controls his power of nasty mushroom magic, that and also because he has arthritis for being a champion guitar player. Meet him and many other characters in the Monster Fight series. See more art at my flickr

Monster Fight-Buck

Meet Buck! He is the main hero of the Monster Fight series. He is a Flame Lizard, a monster that breaths fire. He is constantly eating and is one awesome fighter. He has powers like when his red dots glow he releases a burst of fire. Meet him and many more from the monster fight series. See more work at my flickr