Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Este noviembre yo tiengo mucho new character art coming soon! Ive got lots of random art new characters for Monster Fight and Afro Boy a new art series of characters and another series of characters that Im excited to present for I have been working on them since septembre and their names are scrambled, try to unscramble if you want: LBNGI-GLNIB & MCAO and lots of Full colored art not just a character with a white background no, It will have a full-colored awesome backgrounds to it. Til then Stay Tuned!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

R.I.P. Lola

sad news today my pet parakeet Lola had dies by accidentally suficating herself in her nest. so now we went and bought a new parakeet hopefully Kiwi and this new parakeet will get along:(

R.I.P. Lola- innocent and young small and fragile:(

Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Grim Reaper

To start off the first annual Shocktober Fest is the one, the only Grim Reaper. When someone's time has come in the Walkie Talkie World of mine this ghoul and his ghostly minions are sent to take care of it. Strangly his favorite holiday is actually Christmas. More on my flickr

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Back from the Hospital

Hello and now Im back from the hospital and now Im working on the art for Shocktober fest but Ill work hard for them to be here in time.


Say hello to one of Afro Boys closest friends munch the hungry orange ball who eats anything. get ready for alot more art from Afro Boy and his friends because now they have their own series of art. Soon I introduce another friend of Afro's who is a living disco ball.

see more on my flickr here

King Oso

This King Oso(Oso is Spanish for Bear) he is the ruler of the Honey Kingdom and loves honey. The Honey Kingdom is famous for making the worlds most delicious honey.

visit my flickr for more

Cosmo defender of the Stars

Have you ever played Katamari Damacy? or any game from the katamari series? well the latest game Katamari Forever for PS3 came out and I love it and the one character that is well known in the game is the Great King of all Cosmos who creates and watches of all the stars and planets in outer space. and that got me thinkin: Who's watchin over the stars in my universe of characters? so then there came Cosmo who creates and defends the stars in outer space.

visit my flickr for more

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shocktober Fest is Among Us!!!

My favorite holiday is Halloween(not for the candy but because theres monsters everywhere) and I will be making a special character art event include plenty of creepy monsters all hand drawn by me. so Prepare for the Scare!!!

and be sure to vote for wich monster you want to see the most. for shocktober fest 09'

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Some announcements

Well Im here to tell you about some new things happening first of all school began yesterday now and soon I will be busy with the constant stress of school and wont be able to make any art so often so dont expect them to be posted so quikly. Second Im no longer going to use Deveiantart anymore so no need to go there for my character art. and FinallyIm now a member of another Ning and thats Gleepark the place for characters and character art visit Gleepark today! and also I dont want other posts to get in the way of ones that feature my art so Ill probably make another blog for random news and or things that have happened recently.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Dingo the Traveler

Dingo is a happy world traveling wolf. He always lives life to the fullest and isnt afraid to take risks. Life is always a party when youre hangin with Dingo. His hat is his most sacred treasure. It was given to him by his dad before he left him forever when he was just a child. People say thats why he travels the world to find his dad, but some say its because thats just how he is. Either way its always fun when you have Dingo as a friend.

Uncle Patch

Horray Its Uncle Patch! He's the on the street magic salesman. His head is a magical talking hat for reasons unknown, perhaps he's ugly? He is a very nice guy and doesnt own a store so he just walks around and pulls his wooden wagon of magic and offers them to passing bystanders.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My characters featured at ilikecharacters

King Soso & Dibbo created by Steve Rack are the official mascots of

The most awesome website in the world(no seriously I made it my homepage) wich features the latest and greatest characters each day created by Steve Rack has featured my 3 characters Buck, Afro Boy, and the Big Ideas Elephant. More characters featured at the link to the website, and if you cant get enough characters then go to the flickr page to see more art and new art each day. Thanks Steve!

p.s. dont forget to enter the contest to sugest a name for the main character of the new character podcast.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I recently oredered some Dunny Series 5 vinyl toys(I ordered 6 boxers each assorted randomly) and when I opened them I ended up with 3 of the same ones and they are the rare mystery chases to be exact. I plan on selling 2 of them on ebay I accidentally opened the bag of one of them but no harm done to it at all. If anyome is interested you could insert your bid eventually when I get around to putting them up(then again I dont even know how to use ebay). Til then see ya!

in case your wondering the custom Dunny has been made by Devilrobots

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mr.WalkieTalkie Papertoy Coming Soon!

Mr. WalkieTalkie here to tell you that soon I will have Mr. WalkieTalkie the character available in a papertoy custom of Marshall Alexander's Foldskool Hero. Just wait a few days and youll see it available.

Stay Tuned!!

Afro Boy!!!!!

Meet the lovable little Afro Boy he is a walkin talkin blue afro who love the music of disco. I created him last year in 2008. Meet afro boy and his friends soon! See more art at my flickr

Monster Fight-Trenti

Meet Trenti, he's not the nicest fungus and his one of many enemies in the Monster Fight series(please be sure that you know that he is not the main villain just one of his henchmen) His fingers are all crinckled because that is how he controls his power of nasty mushroom magic, that and also because he has arthritis for being a champion guitar player. Meet him and many other characters in the Monster Fight series. See more art at my flickr

Monster Fight-Buck

Meet Buck! He is the main hero of the Monster Fight series. He is a Flame Lizard, a monster that breaths fire. He is constantly eating and is one awesome fighter. He has powers like when his red dots glow he releases a burst of fire. Meet him and many more from the monster fight series. See more work at my flickr

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Me at Nice Papertoys!

Theres a great website that lets you in on the latest and greatest papertoys from some of the best artists. Even I have an account and this website was made by Brian Castleforte (previously known as Nicebunny) made it here you go: have fun with the link and some of my art will be shown on my blog soon...